Absolutely Natural pioneered the original natural-mineral suncare in the early 1990’s and has set the same exacting standards for organic spa care.

Our unique formulas are carefully selected from nature’s most nutrient-and-vitamin-rich plants, minerals, and renewable sources.

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Absolutely Natural Product Lineup

From the premier sun and spa resorts of Spain to the Hawaiian Islands, Absolutely Natural provides unparalleled products and services to the most discriminating clients. We have built our company and reputation on excellent products and partnering with our clients to design products and services around their unique preferences. We continue to expand our product lines and programs toward an ever-increasing market demand for unique, quality and signature products.

Our Clientele

Our roots are firmly planted in the luxury resort industry, particularly island locations. We began in 1992 by offering our sunscreens, lotions and aloes on many of the finest pool decks and beaches in the world. When our resort clients began to add spa services, they came to us for products that would have the same quality and integrity and are formulated with the same passion as our suncare. Absolutely-Natural Spa was born with just two products. We now have more than 250!

Throughout our 25-year history, we’ve never compromised on the integrity of our ingredients/formulations and have sought only to provide the finest natural products available anywhere, consistent with the 4 and 5 star quality our clients must uphold.

We are most proud to be associated with some of the finest resorts in the world through our signature products, private label, and professional treatment products. We are now ready to build upon our rich history by extending our offering to broader markets across the mainland United States.

Our Products

  • Never tested on animals

  • Chemical-free

  • Never contain any animal byproducts

  • Biodegrade more easily than typical chemical products

  • Contain no nano-particles

  • Gentle on the environment

Environmentally Safe

In a world troubled by depleting ozone and rampant use of chemicals, Absolutely Natural’s time has come. Additionally, with consumers taking a hard look at chemical sunscreens and their potential negative effects on a long term basis, Absolutely Natural provides a safe, natural, and superior alternative.

In addition to providing safe, chemical-free products for the skin, Absolutely Natural is environmentally friendly as well. Absolutely Natural packages its line in recyclable and environmentally safe containers. The company uses recycled paper for brochures and point-of-purchase materials. Also, there are NO chemical runoffs in the production of the product.