Is Your Sunscreen Marine Eco-Friendly?

The beaches along Scenic Highway 30A feature many unique works of natural beauty. Two of the most ecologically vital are the coastal dune lakes and the artificial reefs. It is imperative that they and the marine life that live within them are cared for properly.

Coastal Dune Lakes

Found in only a handful of places around the world, South Walton has fifteen of these temporary estuaries and nursing grounds where fresh and salt water mix.

Scenic Highway 30A Map: Coastal Lakes & Artificial Reefs

Barrier Reefs

There are sixteen artificial reefs created and maintained by SWARA for recreation and conservation. There’s even an underwater art gallery!

Marine Life

Endangered sea turtles nest on our beaches from May through October. Help them by keeping our beaches clean, dark and flat!

Many sunscreens contain the chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate, known to cause damage to marine ecosystems. All Shine On Living, 30A SOL, and Absolutely Natural products are made with natural, eco-friendly ingredients!