Shine On Living and The 30A Company Create Eco-Friendly 30A Sun Care Products

Shine On Living and The 30A Company Create Eco-Friendly 30A Sun Care Products

Shine On Living and The 30A Company announced the launch of a new line of high-quality sun care products that are friendly to fragile marine eco-systems. Many sunscreens on the market contain oxybenzone and octinoxate, chemicals that harm the environment and destroy marine ecosystems, including coral reefs. The new 30A® line of sun care products features 30A SPF 30 Sunscreen, which is free from these harmful additives.

Spring Into Action!

The weather is warm, the Gulf of Mexico is calm and the sun is Shining On!  Mother Nature is calling us out to play and after a cold wet winter, spring has finally arrived. 

Here along the beaches of Scenic 30A, we're strapping our paddle boards to the Jeep, rigging the fishing poles and loading up our bikes. Spring breakers are hitting our beaches, dune lakes and bike trails! 

What happens when we spring into all of this activity? Are your muscles and joints sore after that first long bike ride, swim or SUP of the season? Give yourself some deep tissue relief just like many of our resort spa customers. Our 30A SOL Active Recovery Gel includes Rosemary Oil, Eucalyptus, Capsium and oil from the Arnica flower to help you recover quickly and get on to your next adventure. 


A plant native to mountainous areas of Europe and North America, has been used for centuries to treat muscle pain, bruising and insect bites. Athletes rub it on muscles to soothe soreness and strains. Arthritis sufferers rub it on joints to reduce pain and swelling. It’s believed that the plant contains derivatives of thymol which may have anti-inflammatory effects.


An herb, has anti-inflammatory properties which can help calm inflamed muscle tissue and speed healing.


When used topically, has been seen to help with arthritis pain and muscle soreness.

Also known as pepper or chili pepper. The fruit of the capsicum plant contains a chemical called capsaicin. Capsaicin seems to reduce pain sensations when applied to the skin.

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After your workout hit the beach shower with our 30A SOL Active Beach Wash featuring our  lime-coconut fragrance and Aloe.  It's paraben and sulfate free and reef / marine life friendly.  Top off your recovery with our 30A SOL Apres SOL Creme Puree, a premium blend of Shea, Mango and Coconut Butter with Cucumber and Aloe to quench the thirst of you skin and replenish nutrients naturally.

Welcome Spring.  Get active, stay active and Shine On!


Start Your Own Parade

March to a different beat... in March.   Years ago, we moved to the beach for an active, fun in the sun lifestyle.  Growing up in the Midwest this was a dream come true fed by the music of The Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffett and Jan and Dean, movies like "Endless Summer" and "Big Wednesday"  along with a bunch of issues of "Surfing Magazine".  Needless to say, we befriended a bunch of characters with similar dreams who stand out in a crowd and blaze their own trails in life. The kind of people who start our own parades!

Shine On Living is based on a friendship that began over 30 years ago when locals who worked and lived on the beach were the best resource for sun protection and healthy skin. The founders of Shine On Living and Absolutely Natural were part of that scene and have continued to innovate through the years.

Absolutely Natural was among the first to introduce natural-mineral, environmentally friendly sunscreens years ago... “starting our own parade.”  As resorts added amenities and spa services, AN was there to create and supply them with innovative, environmentally friendly products from natural ingredients. 

30A SOL® Skin "Quenchers" were born from our desire to create a premium skincare line that accurately reflects the pristine, natural beauty of our Gulf Coast beach communities.  With an entrepreneurial spirit, we “started our own parade” with our beach-lifestyle business. Our skin quenchers are uniquely created from natural or organically grown sources and our jewelry and candles are individually hand-crafted from the finest materials. They are unlike any other!

To help celebrate those who “march to a different beat in March”, we're giving away a bottle of our innovative 30A SOL® Facial Smoothie!  This aloe based Lime-Coconut Purée Features a revitalizing blend of Nature's most beneficial nutrients to cool, tighten, soften, and rejuvenate skin. Naturally derived hyaluronic acid helps bind moisture to keep skin smooth and youthful looking. Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants help fight free radicals and nourish the epidermis to improve firmness and signs of aging. 

Apply Facial Smoothie to refresh and rejuvenate after a day in the sun or apply as a base prior to make up.  It’s an awesome aftershave for guys!

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Visit us at to see our full line of innovative 30A SOL® Skin Quenchers, Soy Candles and hand-crafted Beach jewelry.  
This March, go ahead and start your own parade, march to a different beat, and… Shine On!  

Celebrate Love

Love... amour... люблю... amor... 愛... liebe... fik’iri... hubun... αγάπη

No matter the language, LOVE is the world's greatest emotion. During these cold days of winter, let's take time to celebrate the warming, joyous, beautiful power of LOVE!  
Shine On Living is here to help celebrate with our 3OA SOL® Skin Quenchers, Hand-Crafted Beach Jewelry and clean-burning Soy Candles. After all, what says "love" more than a gift from the beaches along Scenic 30A.  Give your special someone a 30A SOL® Mango-Coconut or Bronze-Shimmer Liquide Butter, the ultimate solution for dry itchy skin brought on by the cold winter weather. Or, give your favorite beach babe a beautiful 3OA SOL® Emerald Glow necklace and complimentary set of earrings.  In light, this unique translucent stone glows with the blue-green color of our coastal Gulf waters.  Recently, we introduced our 30A SOL®Bronze-Shimmer soy candle, a spicy cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice companion to our signature Lime-Coconut version.  Check it all out at

To help you celebrate, shop at and enter coupon code "LOVE2018" at checkout for a 10% discount on all of our 30A SOL® products.* 

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Our products are made in small batches from natural or organically grown sources. Every product is environmentally friendly and free of parabens and sulfates. 

“Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud  or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged.  It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.” 1 Corinthians 13, 4-7.
Shine On!

Do you recognize the languages above?  They are: English, French, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, German, Ethiopian, Arabic, Greek


*This promotion is valid through February 28, 2018 only for 30A SOL® products purchased at the Shine On Living on-line store.

Shine On Living Holidays

Shine On Living Holidays

If you're reading this, it's likely that you're a lover of the beach active lifestyle. You're someone who enjoys getting outside to enjoy nature's beauty whether it's paddle boarding, biking, kayaking, or people watching. You also appreciate high quality, naturally sourced, hand-crafted products that accurately represent your beach vibe.  And, along the way we have gotten to know each other through our Lotion Bar promotions, on-line store, or through our resort and spa retail partners. 

Hello Autumn!

Cool Temps = Dry Skin

Soon, most of the country will experience that first breath of crisp air and the trees will begin to show their gorgeous hues of gold, bronze and red. 
Here at the beach, we still enjoy warm temps and golden sunshine during the day but we get to celebrate "bonfire season" under the stars in the cool of the evening.

Cooler air is also dryer air and our skin begins to call for additional moisture. So our "Fall Colors" include 30A SOL® BRONZE-SHIMMER LIQUIDE  BUTTER and MANGO-COCONUT LIQUIDE BUTTER.

The idea of using shea butter as a winter moisturizer comes from our northern friends, who have long known about its super-hydrating properties. 
30A SOL® products use organically grown shea from the seeds of the fruit of the Shea (Karite) Tree. Naturally rich in vitamins A, E and F, it provides the skin with essential fatty acids and the nutrients necessary for collagen production.

At the beach, we don't always like the "greasy" feel of pure shea butter - our fine, white sand tends to stick to it (ugh) and it's not necessarily good for our board, boat or favorite bikini.   So, we created a lighter, cleaner LIQUIDE BUTTER by adding organically grown mango butter, coconut butter and
jojoba oil. 
Coconut Butter is rich in Lauric Acid and contains vitamins E
and K while mango butter delivers moisture, and vitamins A, C and E, which work to free radicals. These delicious, natural butters are then mixed with organically grown Jojoba Seed Oil which contributes vitamins E and B
minerals copper, zinc and chromium as well as iodine, which has
anti-bacterial properties. Jojoba's composition is very close to the skin's own and will help boost skin's recovery and restoration processes. It's excellent for acne-prone skin and even dandruff.   These outstanding deep moisturizers help combat stubborn signs of aging and keep your skin moist and hydrated throughout those dry months ahead.

30A SOL® MANGO-COCONUT LIQUIDE BUTTER will bring you back to the beach with a light mango-coconut fragrance while BRONZE-SHIMMER LIQUIDE BUTTERadds bronze and gold mica for a subtle "shimmer" that will make your skin glisten
in sunlight, moonlight and bonfire light. 

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Make 30A SOL® MANGO-COCONUT and BRONZE-SHIMMER LIQUIDE BUTTER your fall colors and keep your skin hydrated and shining on! Check out all of our Skin Quenchers, Hand Crafted Jewelry and Beach Lifestyle products at

... And if you don't have a beach bonfire handy, you can still share a warm
glow with our 30A SOL® LIME-COCONUT Soy CANDLE.  This 8.5oz candle emits our signature lime-coconut fragrance that will bring the beach to wherever you are.

Shine On! ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ 

Back to School

Take The Beach Back To School and Work
Here at the beach summer never really ends.  We have hot summer, cool summer and most of the time, plain ole' AWESOME summer!  Just because summer break is ending and you're headed back to school or work, you don't have to leave our golden sunshine, emerald green water and sugar-white sand behind. Let Shine On Living, help keep your toes in the sand!
Preserve your summer tan and restore nutrients to your skin with our Apres SOL Cream Puree.

  Packed with organic and naturally derived aloe, cucumber, coconut andlime, our 30A SOL® Apres SOL Crème Puree will take you back to the beach in an instant! We added Shea, mango and coconut butter to make Apres SOL Crème Pureethe ultimate after sun treatment and “quencher” for dry, decompensated skin.  

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 9.12.30 PM.png

Return to the classroom or office in “beach style” with our hand-crafted 30A SOL® Emerald Glow and Leather & Pearl Jewelry.
 Go with a few stones for a casual look or add a booster for dressier occasions. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 9.12.10 PM.png

Bring the fragrance of the beach into your classroom, home or office with our 3OA SOL® Lime-Coconut soy candle.
  This 8.5oz candle gives off a warm golden glow, like our summer sun while the lime-coconut fragrance is similar to our Apres SOL Crème Puree – it will bring the beach to wherever you are. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 9.12.00 PM.png

Show Your Face to the SUN!

We love to Shine On and agree that a gentle kiss of sunshine (within limits) can give us a happy glow!  However, our faces can be damaged by too much exposure to the elements and here at the beach, the sun, wind and salt can take it’s toll.  That’s why we developed our FACIAL SMOOTHIE! 

Our revitalizing blend of Nature's most beneficial nutrients helps tighten, soften, and rejuvenate skin. Naturally derived hyaluronic acid helps bind moisture to keep skin supple and youthful looking. Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants help fight free radicals and nourish the epidermis to improve firmness and signs of aging.  We added cooling aloe, healthy coconut water and lime puree extract as a gentle exfoliator. As always, all of our ingredients are from organic or naturally grown sources.

Apply Facial Smoothie to the face and neck after washing and celebrate the beach with our subtle lime-coconut fragrance.  The nutrients are absorbed within minutes but leave it on overnightfor maximum benefit. 30A SOL® FACIAL SMOOTHIE makes an excellent base prior to applying makeup and can be worn throughout the day. Re-hydrate as desired with our RENUE MIST for a smooth, refreshing finish.

If you’re going to be in the sun, use SPFs from Absolutely Natural with natural-mineral protection.  Our friends at Absolutely Natural were among the first to develop natural-source sunscreens and they are and still the best available today.  Our products are:

  • Never tested on animals and never contain animal byproducts
  • Free of sulfates, parabens and phthalates and nano-particles
  • More easily biodegradable than typical, chemical products
  • Gentle on the environment
  • Made In Melbourne, Florida USA

Happy Birthday America.  Keep Shining On!

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