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From the Beaches Along Scenic 30A

What does it mean to be "from" somewhere?  The word "from" suggests a beginning, a starting point and a place of origination. 
The dream of Shine On Living and our 30A SOL® and Absolutely Natural® products began almost 30 years ago when the founders of Absolutely Natural and Shine On Living were friends working the beach at resorts in Florida, Hawaii and the Caribbean.  Back then, everyone knew that the best source for information about sun protection, healthy skin and fun in the sun were the locals who were on the beach every day.  We built on this expertise and continued to innovate through the years with Absolutely Natural being among the first to introduce natural-mineral, environmentally friendly sunscreens several years ago. 

30A SOL® Skin "Quenchers" were born from our desire to create a premium skincare line that accurately reflects the pristine, natural beauty of our Gulf Coast beach communities.  Let your sun-baked skin drink in the cool, rejuvenating hydration of our Facial SmoothieRenue Mist or Active Recovery Mist. Smell the beach in our Apres-SOL Crème Puree, Active Beach Wash and Mango-Coconut Liquide Butter.  Glisten like sunlight playing on gulf waves with our Bronze-Shimmer Liquide Butter.  We think that you will agree that the natural beauty of Scenic 30A is captured in our fragrance, texture, and appearance. After all it’s where we’re from.  As always, our ingredients are from naturally or organically grown sources and contain no harmful chemicals.


New 30A SOL® Emerald Glow Beach Jewelry

The beauty of our emerald green waters inspired our new 30A SOL® Emerald Glow Beach Jewelry.  When in light, these translucent stones "glow" with a cool blue-green radiance. Check out our complete line of hand-crafted 30A SOL® Emerald Glow necklaces, bracelets and earrings at:

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The Beach, Gulf, Dune Lakes, Bike Trails... the Shine On life is an active life. Our customers are paddle boarders, bikers, surfers, kayakers and all around advocates of the great outdoors.  

Mother Nature provides everything that we need to get outside and enjoy all that she has to offer.  In addition to our natural-mineral sun screens by Absolutely Natural, we recently introduced our Active line featuring our 30A SOL(R) Active Beach Wash, Active Recovery Gel and Active Recovery Mist. Of course, all of our products are made from natural or organically grown ingredients. 

The healing and nutritional benefits of Aloe are well known.  Our Active Recovery Mist starts with an Aloe base and adds Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil in a soothing mist for sunburns, bug bites and other irritants. Are your muscles and joints sore after a long bike ride, swim or SUP? Give yourself some deep tissue relief just like many of our resort spa customers offer. Our Active Recovery Gel includes Rosemary Oil, Eucalyptus, Capsium (pepper) and oil from the Arnica flower to help you recover quickly and get on to your next adventure. After your workout hit the beach shower with our Active Beach Wash featuring our refreshing lime-coconut fragrance and Aloe.  It's paraben and sulfate free and reef / beach friendly.  Top off your recovery with our Apres SOL Creme Puree, a premium blend of Shea, Mango and Coconut Butter with Cucumber and Aloe to quench the thirst of you skin and replenish nutrients naturally.

We make it easy to pack for your next excursion.  Our Active Recovery Set contains travel size portions of 30A SOL(R) Active Beach Wash, Active Recovery Mist, Active Recovery Gel and Apres SOL Creme Puree. It has everything you need to get active and stay active.   Finally, don't forget your Bug Repellent Herbal Blend from Absolutely Natural to help keep the pests away.

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Sea Turtle awareness

Win a Turtle Necklace!

And Help Keep Our Beaches the Way Our Turtles Like It ...  Clean, Dark and Flat!

Endangered and threatened sea turtles nest on our beaches from May through October.  Loggerhead, Green, Leatherback and Kemp's Ridley sea turtles crawl ashore and lay their eggs in the sand. The hatchlings crawl out of the nest to find safety in the warm Gulf waters which are illuminated by moonlight. It's a dangerous trip given sea birds and other natural predadors. However their journey can be made even more perilous by artificial lighting, trash anddeep holes or sand walls on the beach.


Shine On Living®  and 30A SOL® support Friends of South Walton Sea Turtles in their mission of sea turtle education and awareness.  A portion from the proceeds of each piece of our Turtle Beach Jewelry is donated to their cause. Check out our "Swimming" and "Hanging" turtle necklaces and our exclusive "Turtle & Moon" necklace featuring atranslucent 30A SOL Emerald Glow stone.  Find our 30A SOL® beach jewelry and other lifestyle products all along the Emerald Coast and on line at


To help increase sea turtle awareness, we are giving away a Turtle & Moon Necklace. (Contest info, how to enter). Also, please follow @30ASeaturtles on Instagram and Facebook and visit their web site at


Shine On with the beauty of our amazing beaches and remember how our sea turtles like it:


CLEAN. Remove all belongings, including trash, when you leave.


DARK.  Artificial lights disturb nesting sea turtles and hatchlings. Turn off all lights on or near the beach and close all curtains and blinds in windows facing the beach.


FLAT.  When you leave the beach each day please knock down you sand castles and fill in your holes.


New SOL Quencher + Soap Gift Sets!

Introducing new Gift Sets with natural, hand made soaps that perfectly match our SOL skin quenchers. Liquide Butter Bronze-Shimmer with mango extract & ground coconut husk, Facial Smoothie with charcoal from coconut shells & oat protein, Creme Puree with coconut milk, coconut husk powder & lime essential oil and Recovery Mist with tea tree eucalyptus & mint. Click on "Shop / Gift Sets" to see them all!

Independence Day Shine On America!

Independence Day is celebrated on July 4th each year, the day that the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 by the Continental Congress.    Shine On Living is and independent company and our products are always made in America.  We are thankful for our freedom and for our great country.

Shine On America!