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From the Beaches Along Scenic 30A

What does it mean to be "from" somewhere?  The word "from" suggests a beginning, a starting point and a place of origination. 
The dream of Shine On Living and our 30A SOL® and Absolutely Natural® products began almost 30 years ago when the founders of Absolutely Natural and Shine On Living were friends working the beach at resorts in Florida, Hawaii and the Caribbean.  Back then, everyone knew that the best source for information about sun protection, healthy skin and fun in the sun were the locals who were on the beach every day.  We built on this expertise and continued to innovate through the years with Absolutely Natural being among the first to introduce natural-mineral, environmentally friendly sunscreens several years ago. 

30A SOL® Skin "Quenchers" were born from our desire to create a premium skincare line that accurately reflects the pristine, natural beauty of our Gulf Coast beach communities.  Let your sun-baked skin drink in the cool, rejuvenating hydration of our Facial SmoothieRenue Mist or Active Recovery Mist. Smell the beach in our Apres-SOL Crème Puree, Active Beach Wash and Mango-Coconut Liquide Butter.  Glisten like sunlight playing on gulf waves with our Bronze-Shimmer Liquide Butter.  We think that you will agree that the natural beauty of Scenic 30A is captured in our fragrance, texture, and appearance. After all it’s where we’re from.  As always, our ingredients are from naturally or organically grown sources and contain no harmful chemicals.


New 30A SOL® Emerald Glow Beach Jewelry

The beauty of our emerald green waters inspired our new 30A SOL® Emerald Glow Beach Jewelry.  When in light, these translucent stones "glow" with a cool blue-green radiance. Check out our complete line of hand-crafted 30A SOL® Emerald Glow necklaces, bracelets and earrings at:

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Shine On!   ✨✨✨✨