Back to School

Take The Beach Back To School and Work
Here at the beach summer never really ends.  We have hot summer, cool summer and most of the time, plain ole' AWESOME summer!  Just because summer break is ending and you're headed back to school or work, you don't have to leave our golden sunshine, emerald green water and sugar-white sand behind. Let Shine On Living, help keep your toes in the sand!
Preserve your summer tan and restore nutrients to your skin with our Apres SOL Cream Puree.

  Packed with organic and naturally derived aloe, cucumber, coconut andlime, our 30A SOL® Apres SOL Crème Puree will take you back to the beach in an instant! We added Shea, mango and coconut butter to make Apres SOL Crème Pureethe ultimate after sun treatment and “quencher” for dry, decompensated skin.  

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Return to the classroom or office in “beach style” with our hand-crafted 30A SOL® Emerald Glow and Leather & Pearl Jewelry.
 Go with a few stones for a casual look or add a booster for dressier occasions. 

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Bring the fragrance of the beach into your classroom, home or office with our 3OA SOL® Lime-Coconut soy candle.
  This 8.5oz candle gives off a warm golden glow, like our summer sun while the lime-coconut fragrance is similar to our Apres SOL Crème Puree – it will bring the beach to wherever you are. 

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