Start Your Own Parade

March to a different beat... in March.   Years ago, we moved to the beach for an active, fun in the sun lifestyle.  Growing up in the Midwest this was a dream come true fed by the music of The Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffett and Jan and Dean, movies like "Endless Summer" and "Big Wednesday"  along with a bunch of issues of "Surfing Magazine".  Needless to say, we befriended a bunch of characters with similar dreams who stand out in a crowd and blaze their own trails in life. The kind of people who start our own parades!

Shine On Living is based on a friendship that began over 30 years ago when locals who worked and lived on the beach were the best resource for sun protection and healthy skin. The founders of Shine On Living and Absolutely Natural were part of that scene and have continued to innovate through the years.

Absolutely Natural was among the first to introduce natural-mineral, environmentally friendly sunscreens years ago... “starting our own parade.”  As resorts added amenities and spa services, AN was there to create and supply them with innovative, environmentally friendly products from natural ingredients. 

30A SOL® Skin "Quenchers" were born from our desire to create a premium skincare line that accurately reflects the pristine, natural beauty of our Gulf Coast beach communities.  With an entrepreneurial spirit, we “started our own parade” with our beach-lifestyle business. Our skin quenchers are uniquely created from natural or organically grown sources and our jewelry and candles are individually hand-crafted from the finest materials. They are unlike any other!

To help celebrate those who “march to a different beat in March”, we're giving away a bottle of our innovative 30A SOL® Facial Smoothie!  This aloe based Lime-Coconut Purée Features a revitalizing blend of Nature's most beneficial nutrients to cool, tighten, soften, and rejuvenate skin. Naturally derived hyaluronic acid helps bind moisture to keep skin smooth and youthful looking. Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants help fight free radicals and nourish the epidermis to improve firmness and signs of aging. 

Apply Facial Smoothie to refresh and rejuvenate after a day in the sun or apply as a base prior to make up.  It’s an awesome aftershave for guys!

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This March, go ahead and start your own parade, march to a different beat, and… Shine On!